Let’s make an enemy of 2DSTG

This time, let’s control the behavior of the enemy of 2D shooting game using Arbor.

Prior knowledge

This tutorial requires knowledge of:

Operating environment

This tutorial is created in the following environment.

Unity 2019.4.39f1
Arbor 3.9.0

If you use a different version, please read as appropriate because there may be some differences from the explanation.

Preparation of tutorial project

We will create projects and import tutorial packages.

1. Preparation of tutorial project

Create Enemy

Create Enemy3 based on already created Enemy1.

2. Create Enemy

About enemy bullet shooting

I will explain the mechanism of enemy bullet shooting.

3. About enemy bullet shooting

Create Weapon

Weapons called winder are added so that the launch direction is curved.

4. Create Weapon

Adding a behaviour pattern

We will add further enemy behavior patterns.

5. Adding a behaviour pattern

Add Wave

I will incorporate it into Wave and let Enemy3 appear.

6. Add Wave

Next Step

The next tutorial is “How to make an automatic door with FSM“.

I will explain how to build an automatic door by linking a simple sensor and state machine.