4. Create Weapon

Weapons called winder are added so that the launch direction is curved.

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Duplicate Weapon object

First, clone the Weapon object that is a child of Enemy3 from Hierarchy.

  • Right-click on “Enemy3/Weapon” in the Hierarchy window.
  • Select “Duplicate” from the menu.
  • Renamed to “Weapon 2”.

Open Weapon2’s ArborFSM in Arbor Editor.

Delete LookAt2DObjectWithTag

Delete LookAt2DObjectWithTag from the Rotation state in order to stop the player’s aim.

  • Click the LookAt2DObjectWithTag setting icon in the Rotation state.
  • Select “Delete” from the menu.

Add TweenRotation

Add a TweenRotation to gradually change the orientation.

  • Click the Rotation state setting icon.
  • Select “Add Behaviour” from the menu.
  • Select “Tween > Tween Rotation” from the behavior selection window.

TweenRotation settings

Weapon’s angle is set between 150 degrees and 210 degrees.

  • Change Tween Rotation of Rotation state as follows.
Type PingPong
Duration 2
Curve Select EaseIn & EaseOut preset
From 0, 0, 150
To 0, 0, 210

Shorten the firing interval

Change the TimeTransition in the Shot state to shorten the firing interval.

  • Change TimeTransition of Shot state as follows.
Seconds 0.05

Adjust the launch direction

In this state, since the gap between two bullets launched at the same time is narrow, adjust the launch direction to widen the gap.


  • Select “Enemy3/Weapon2/ShotPosition1” in the Hierarchy window.
  • Change Transform as follows in the Inspector window.
Rotation 0, 0, 15


  • Select “Enemy3/Weapon2/ShotPosition2” in the Hierarchy window.
  • Change Transform as follows in the Inspector window.
Rotation 0, 0, -15

Change the weapon used

Edit Enemy3’s Arbor FSM to change the weapon Enemy3 uses.

  • Select “Enemy 3” from the Hierarchy window.
  • In the Inspector window, click the first ArborFSM “Open Editor” button.
  • Change the Send Trigger in Shot state in the Arbor Editor window as follows.
Target Weapon2 object

Play Check

Let’s check the operation by pressing “play button”.

You can see that enemy bullet shots have been changed.

Next Step

5. Adding a behaviour pattern

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