About trial version

  • You can not use it for purposes other than trial use.
    • Product version requires 1 seat 1 license.
    • The act of using both the product version and the trial version in the same project is prohibited.

Restrictions on trial version

  1. DLL
    • Core processing can not be edited because it is made into DLL.
    • Reverse engineering is prohibited.
  2. Runtime restrictions
    • Invalidate state transition after 2 minutes from game start.
    • Display of “Arbor3 Trial” on game screen.
    • (Play on the Unity editor is available without restriction)
  3. Build restrictions
    • IL2CPP build not available.
    • UWP build not available.
  4. Function restrictions
    • [Unity2020.1 and later] Fields in some generic classes that contain data slots are not available.
  5. Arbor Editor Window
    • Open Asset Store button display.

Asset Store

Purchase from here!


“Trial” をダウンロード

ArborTrial_3.10.2.unitypackage – 4958 回のダウンロード – 3.14 MB

If the package is corrupted

Previously, some browsers could corrupt the package file when downloaded.

If the package import fails, try downloading it in another browser.