Known Issues

This is a known problem list currently confirmed.

Please report it to the Bug report forum when there is a problem.

Arbor 3.10.1

[Unity6000.0.0b11] The title bar of the behavior is displayed incorrectly.

Status: Fixing

Unity Bug

Unity2022.1 or later

Exception is thrown when setting the language of Arbor Editor etc. to Japanese

Bug in Unity’s UIElements.

Please change the language setting of Arbor Editor to English until the Unity side is fixed.

Unity2020.3.31f1 or later

“Reproducible if the Inspector window is opened” error

Bug in Unity’s ReorderbleList.

Please use the fixed Unity version.

Unity2020.1 or later

Package Manager cannot update to the latest version of the asset

A bug that the old version has already been downloaded and is not updated even if you try to update to the latest version.

Workaround :

It seems that you can download it by deleting the asset cache once.

  1. Open the following folder (hidden file display must be enabled)
    • Windows : C:\Users\User name\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store-5.x\caitsithware\Editor ExtensionsVisual Scripting
    • Mac : /Users/User name/Library/Unity/Asset Store-5.x/caitsithware/Editor ExtensionsVisual Scripting
  2. Deleted Arbor 3 FSM BT Graph Editor.unitypackage file (or backup if you need older version)
  3. Re-download with Package Manager

Unity5 or later

When deleting and undoing the object specified in the external subgraph, it is not displayed in the graph tab

Related information:

Workaround :

  1. Reload the scene when you start playing, etc.

Known Issues Archive for Past Versions

Unity bug archive

Unity bug archive

An archive of issues caused by bugs in the Unity version.