Known Issues(3.6.7)

An archive of past version defects.

It has been fixed in the latest version.

If there is a recurrence, please report it to the Bug Report Forum.

Arbor 3.6.7

There are types that are not displayed by type selection such as GameObject.GetComponent calculator node

In Unity 2018 or later, Canvas and CanvasGroup etc. are not displayed in the list and cannot be selected.

Interim solution

  1. Create a script called “ArborTypeLoad.cs” under the Assets folder.
  2. Enter the code below.
    using UnityEngine;
    class ArborTypeLoad
        public Canvas canvas;
  3. If there are other types that are not displayed, add them to the ArborTypeLoad class field in the same way.

If you stop the paused graph, the child graph will not stop correctly

When the child graph is active, if the Pause () method of the root graph is called and then the Stop () method is called, the child graph will not be stopped normally.
When starting again with the Play () method, the child graph is resumed from the state before Pause.

Interim solution

  • If paused, call Resume () and then call Stop ().

ParameterContainer in the graph is not copied

When copying ArborFSM and BehaviourTree, SubStateMachine and SubBehaviourTree, ParameterContainer in the graph is not copied and the same instance is referenced.

  • Status : Under correction

Skin breaks in Unity 2019.3

A bug that the skin is broken, such as each icon and button in the title bar of the behavior is not displayed (it reacts when clicked).

  • Status : Under correction
  • Unity2019.3 is still in beta and will be supported within 1-2 weeks after the official release.