Known Issues(3.9.0)

An archive of past version defects.

If there is a recurrence, please report it to the Bug Report Forum.

Arbor 3.9.0

VariableList is included in the Variable group in the Add Parameter window

Status: Fixed

Temporary remedy

If the VariableList group doesn’t have a type, or if the VariableList group itself doesn’t exist, look for the Variable group.

“Disconnect” in the node connection line menu of Behavior Tree does not change even if the language setting of Arbor Editor is switched.

Status: Fixed

Temporary remedy

Please select another graph or close the Arbor Editor window and open it again.

Only the first StateBehaviour is executed at the transition destination of OnGraphStopTransition

Status: Fixing

Title name of GetParameter operation node is truncated

Status: By Design

Not limited to GetParameter, it is a specification that the behavior title name is cut off for nodes with narrow widths.
Improved to display an ellipsis when it breaks.