Known Issues(3.8.3)

An archive of past version defects.

If there is a recurrence, please report it to the Bug Report Forum.

Arbor 3.8.3

Some files are not imported

It seems that the package file downloaded from the asset store was corrupted.

When I re-uploaded it, 2021/07/28 I was able to import it without any problems.

If you have not taken any provisional measures, you can import normally by updating to the latest version of the package.

Status: Re-upload and resolve once. The Unity Asset Store team will investigate the cause to prevent recurrence.

Temporary remedy:

After 2021/07/28, there is no problem if you download and import the latest version of the package.

I will keep it as a record below.

“Patch 3.8.3” をダウンロード

Arbor3.8.3_repair.unitypackage – 743 回のダウンロード – 7.02 KB
  • Download Arbor 3.8.3_repair.unitypackage from the button above
  • Import Arbor 3.8.3_repair.unitypackage into a project that has already imported Arbor 3.8.3

Important point:

  • If the browser is FireFox, there are reports that the downloaded unity package is damaged.
    If importing this package also fails, download it in another browser such as Edge or Chrome.
  • Since it is only a repair of the damaged file that I downloaded and confirmed, I can not deal with the case where the damaged part is different for each download.
    If this package doesn’t work, stay tuned for more information.

SubStateMachineReference’s Use Directory In Scene does not allow the same FSM to be used repeatedly.

Status: Fixed in Arbor 3.8.4

Temporary remedy:

  • Open Assets/Plugins/Arbor/BuiltInBehaviours/Scripts/Behaviours/StateMachine/SubStateMachineReference.cs
  • Comment out lines 237 to 241 (the if statement scope part that produces error messages).
  • Similarly, comment out the relevant parts of other Sub*References as necessary.

Even if the child graph specified for an external graph is a formal child graph for another graph, the unexpected behavior of forcibly taking away the child FSM will occur.

Infinite loop when SendTrigger to own FSM and transition in Immediate from TriggerTransition of resident state

Status: Fixed in Arbor 3.8.4

Temporary remedy:

  • Open Assets/Plugins/Arbor/Internal/Scripts/StateMachine/ArborFSMInternal.cs
  • Change lines 1410 to 1415 (SendTrigger call loop part) as follows.
    Trigger[] triggers = _Triggers.ToArray();
    for (int i = 0; i < triggerCount; ++i)
    	Trigger trigger = triggers[i];
    	SendTrigger(trigger.message, trigger.flags);

In addition, the fact that the SendTrigger is sent to the own FSM is probably just a way to omit the transition line, so please use GoToTransition to make the transition normally.

Compile error when adding ARBOR_DISABLE_DEFAULT_EDITOR to Scriptable Define Symbols

Status: Fixed in Arbor 3.8.4

Temporary remedy:

  • Open Assets/Plugins/Arbor/Internal/Editor/BehaviourEditorGUI.cs
  • Change line 171 as follows.
    if (editorScriptType != null
    	&& editorScriptType != typeof(NodeBehaviourDefaultEditor)