Known Issues(3.8.6)

An archive of past version defects.

If there is a recurrence, please report it to the Bug Report Forum.

Arbor 3.8.6

If you specify a List type parameter as an argument of SubStateMachine and pass a value, an exception will occur at runtime.

Status: Fixed in Arbor 3.8.7

Reproduction method

  1. Added SubStateMachine inside ArborFSM
  2. Added List type (eg IntList) to parameters in SubStateMachine
  3. Create the same List type in the parent ArborFSM parameter
  4. Call SubStateMachine with the created List type as an argument
  5. At runtime, ParameterTypeMismatchException: It can not be assigned because the parameter type is different.

Temporary remedy

  1. Open Assets/Plugins/Arbor/BuiltInBehaviours/Scripts/Common/GraphArgumentList.cs
  2. Changed line 283 as follows.
    parameter.value = value;

[Unity 2021.2 or later] The graph display area shifts when zooming the graph.

Status: Fixed in Arbor 3.8.7


  • The grid at the top left of the graph is broken.
  • The display position of the rectangular selection of nodes when dragging the mouse is shifted.
  • The blue frame in scroll mode shifts its display position when dragging.
  • Nodes on the left side or near the top of the graph panel frame will be hidden.
  • etc.

Reproduction method

  1. Create an ArborFSM
  2. Create a few states, etc.
  3. Shrink the graph with the mouse wheel

Reproduction Unity version

  • Unity2021.2.0f1

No reproduction Unity version

  • Unity2021.1.27f1

Temporary remedy

  1. Open Assets/Plugins/Arbor/Internal/Editor/Windows/ArborEditorWindow.cs
  2. Add the following code between lines 3099 and 3100.
    #if UNITY_2021_2_OR_NEWER = new TransformOrigin(0f, 0f, 0f);