Known Issues(3.8.1)

An archive of past version defects.

If there is a recurrence, please report it to the Bug Report Forum.

Arbor 3.8.1

When trying to specify the type with the Component parameter of ParameterContainer, an error occurs and it cannot be set.

It seems that the type in the Version Control package cannot be read and an exception is occurring.

Status: Scheduled to be fixed in Arbor 3.8.2

Temporary remedy

  • Open “Assets/Plugins/Arbor/Internal/Scripts/AttributeHelper.cs”.
  • Changed line 205 as follows(Inside the GetAttributes method)
    	attributes = member.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(Attribute), false) as Attribute[];
    	attributes = new Attribute[0];

The direct cause is that the type of the Version Control package cannot be read, so if you are not using the Version Control feature, removing the Version Control package from the Package Manager will also help.