Known Issues(3.7.4)

An archive of past version defects.

If there is a recurrence, please report it to the Bug Report Forum.

Arbor 3.7.4

ArborFSM.SendTrigger cannot be called from UnityEvent

It seems that it can no longer be called from UnityEvent by changing the argument of SendTrigger in 3.7.0.

Calling from UnityEvent is not supported in principle (if there is a problem, please report it individually as much as possible), but it is convenient to call SendTrigger, so we will support it.

Status: Fixing

Provisional measures

  • Open Assets/Plugins/Arbor/Internal/Scripts/StateMachine/ArborFSMInternal.cs
  • Changed line 1872 as follows.
    public void SendTrigger(string message, SendTriggerFlags flags)
  • Add the following code on line 1925.
    public void SendTrigger(string message)
    	SendTrigger(message, allSendTrigger);