Let’s make an enemy of 2DSTG

It is a commentary videos on subtitles.
After you press the play button, please click the subtitle icon.

Package for the tutorial

Download (Unity 4.6.7/Arbor 1.7.6)
 (Unity 5.3.0/Arbor 2.0.0)

Preparation before you start the tutorial

  • After downloading the tutorial package, please unzip.
  • We will create a project in the new. Name is anything good I will, but if the ArborTutorial04.
  • After creating the project, you can move the contents of the ProjectSettings folder that is included in the package that was thawed ProjectSettings in the following folder of ArborTutorial04.
  • Please import the Arbor on Unity.
  • Please import the ShootingGame.unitypackage.


Unity 4.6.7
Arbor 1.7.6