Arbor 3.9.13 Release Note

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Update contents


Built in Component

  • AgentController : Added parameters “Sample Position Enabled” and “Sample Position Distance” to adjust the specified movement destination to the position on NavMesh.

Built in StateBehaviour

Built in ActionBehaviour



Variable Generator

  • Fixed to define default constructor for generated FlexibleField class.

Unity support

  • Fixed compilation warning in Unity2023.3.0b1.


Variable Generator

  • Improved to also generate InputSlot/OutputSlot/FlexibleList when generating VariableList.

Arbor script template

  • [Unity2020.2 or later]When creating a script for Arbor, the type is now enclosed in a namespace according to the Root Namespace setting.
  • Supported to change the line ending code of the created script according to “Line Endings For New Scripts” in Project Settings.


  • Clean up code for derived types of ParameterReference

Update Guide

Update procedure

Please follow the procedure below when updating Arbor.

  1. Please be sure to make a backup of the project before the update.
  2. If you are opening an existing scene, create a new scene from “File / New Scene” in the menu.
  3. If you are opening the Arbor Editor window, close it once.
  4. Already Removed Arbor folder that have been imported.
  5. Import a new version of Arbor.

Version update guide

Please refer to the following page for the update guide for each version of Arbor.

Manual : Update Guide