Arbor 3.8.0 release

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Update contents


Arbor Editor

  • Added a minimap to the side panel.


  • The following types have been added to TransitionTiming.
    • NextUpdateOverwrite
    • NextUpdateDontOverwrite(Change the initial value to this)


  • Added the following types of parameters.
    • Vector4
    • Vector2Int
    • Vector3Int
    • RectInt
    • BoundsInt
    • Vector4List
    • Vector2IntList
    • Vector3IntList
    • RectIntList
    • BoundsIntList

Data flow

  • Added recalculate mode setting to calculation nodes.

Built-in Calculator

  • Add an calculator node that uses a member of each of the following types
    • int
    • long
    • float
    • bool
    • string
    • Vector2
    • Vector3
    • Vector4
    • Quaternion
    • Rect
    • Bounds
    • Color
    • Vector2Int
    • Vector3Int
    • RectInt
    • BoundsInt


  • Added OnStateFixedUpdate method to StateBehaviour.
  • Added OnFixedUpdate method to TreeNodeBehaviour.

Welcome Window

  • Added zip download button for documents.


Arbor Editor

  • Changed the graph tab in the side panel to a graph tree.
  • Separate the node list in the side panel into tabs.
  • Changed the menu displayed from the Create Graph button to a selection window.
  • Changed to be able to distinguish between unconnected State reroute nodes and data reroute nodes.


  • Changed StateLink to show the settings window by right-clicking on it.

Built-in Scripts

  • Replace Update(), LateUpdate(), and FixedUpdate() with callback methods for Arbor.
  • AgentController
    • Rename the Patrol method to MoveToRandomPosition.
    • Changed the IsDivAgentSpeed parameter to a SpeedType enum parameter.
    • Added SpeedDivValue parameter.
    • Abolished the isDivAgentSpeed property and replaced it with the speedType property.

Built-in StateBehaviour

  • Added UseDirectlyInScene flag to allow SubStateMachineReference and SubBehaviourTreeReference to treat other graphs in the scene as subgraphs.
  • Rename AgentPatrol to AgentMoveToRandomPosition.

Built-in ActionBehaviour

  • Added UseDirectlyInScene flag to allow SubStateMachineReference and SubBehaviourTreeReference to treat other graphs in the scene as subgraphs.
  • Rename AgentPatrol to AgentMoveToRandomPosition.


  • Changed the animator field of AnimatorParameterReference to be specified by FlexibleComponent.


  • Added models for agents.

Unity support

  • Raised Unity’s minimum action version to 2018.4.0f1.


Data flow

  • Reduced boxing when outputting value types to dataflow.

Built-in Calculator

  • Reduced boxing of List system calculation nodes.


  • Reduce the number of foreaches used internally.
  • Reduced the number of lambda expressions used internally.
  • Reduced GC Alloc by GetComponent, GetComponents, GetComponentsInChildren, etc.
  • Improved the internal string determination to use StringComparison.


Arbor Editor

  • Fixed a bug that an exception was raised when adding behavior during compilation.
  • Fixed a bug that an exception was generated when copy-pasting nodes of different types of graphs.
  • Fixed a bug that the selected state of a graph did not return after Undoing the Remove Component of a graph component while it was selected in the Arbor Editor.
  • Fixed a bug that only the name of a node was returned when it was created and undone.


  • Fixed that TriggerTransition does not respond to SendTrigger immediately after the start of execution when two FSMs are started simultaneously.



  • Changed DataSlotField class to Obsolete.


  • Removed the documentation zip from the package.

Update Guide

Update procedure

Please follow the procedure below when updating Arbor.

  1. Please be sure to make a backup of the project before the update.
  2. If you are opening an existing scene, create a new scene from “File / New Scene” in the menu.
  3. If you are opening the Arbor Editor window, close it once.
  4. Already Removed Arbor folder that have been imported.
  5. Import a new version of Arbor.

Version update guide

Please refer to the following page for the update guide for each version of Arbor.

Manual : Update Guide

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