Arbor 3.8.7 release

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Arbor Editor

  • [Unity 2021.2 or later] Fixed a bug that the display range of the graph was shifted when zooming the graph.
  • [Unity 2021.2 or later] Fixed a bug that the warning message “Should not be capturing when there is a hotcontrol” was displayed when dragging in the graph after selecting the transition destination from the node list, and the dragging state was not released even if the left button was released.
  • [Unity2021.2 or later] Fixed a bug that NullReferenceException occurs after compiling when clicking in the graph during compilation.
  • Fixed a bug where zooming a graph would also change the drag auto-scroll area.
  • Fixed a bug that some parts of the auto-scrolling dragging area of graphs were not responding.

Built in scripts

  • Fixed a bug that ParameterTypeMismatchException occurs when executing with List type specified in the argument of SubStateMachine.

Update Guide

Update procedure

Please follow the procedure below when updating Arbor.

  1. Please be sure to make a backup of the project before the update.
  2. If you are opening an existing scene, create a new scene from “File / New Scene” in the menu.
  3. If you are opening the Arbor Editor window, close it once.
  4. Already Removed Arbor folder that have been imported.
  5. Import a new version of Arbor.

Version update guide

Please refer to the following page for the update guide for each version of Arbor.

Manual : Update Guide