Arbor 2.2.0 release

Arbor 2.2.0 has been released.

New function Summary

Arbor Editor design change

I changed the design of Arbor Editor to dark style.

Add group node

Add a function that can group multiple nodes together.


Add comments for each node

Add a function to write comments on nodes.


Improved passing of Component in Calculator

Add a function to make it easy to pass Component in State and Calculator.

  • Add Calculator to perform GetComponent with class specified
  • Added FlexibleComponent class and SlotType attribute that can accept only certain classes

Update contents

  • Arbor Editor
    • Add : Added group node.
    • Add : Added comments for each node.
    • Add : Added node cutout.
    • Add : Added items for cutting, copying, duplicating, deleting nodes in node context menu.
    • Add : Transition Timing icon display on StateLink button.
    • Add : Copy Component of ArborFSM Inspector supports copying including internal components.
    • Change : Editor design change.
    • Change : Changed to display state name input field with double click.
    • Change : Changed to sort the state list in order of type (start state -> normal state -> resident state).
    • Change : Change Immediate Transition of StateLinkSettingWindow to Transition Timing.
    • Change : Added type specification to OutputSlotComponent.
    • Change : Change the display when Constant of FlexibleString to TextArea.
    • Change : Corresponds to scroll at fixed time intervals while scrolling with dragging.
    • Change : Adjust the maximum amount of movement during drag scrolling.
    • Fix : Fixed that node position shifted when scrolling while dragging a node
    • Fix : Correct that vertex number error occurs when CalculatorBranch line is long.
    • Fix : Fixed that vertical margin is displayed when StateLinkSettingWindow is displayed at the screen edge.
    • Fix : Fixed that lines are hidden when StateLink is reconnected to the same state.
    • Fix : Fixed that StateBehaviour appears in the inspector when Apply to the Prefab of ArborFSM object during execution.
    • Fix : Fixed that StateBehaviour of the current state is saved in Prefab while it is in the effective state when Apply to the Prefab of ArborFSM object during execution.
    • Fix : Corrected the connection when changing Size in Behavior which has CalculatorSlot as an array.
    • Fix : Fixed that other nodes are not displayed for a moment when node is deleted.
    • Other : Optimize display of dot line of CalculatorBranch.
  • Built in Behaviour
    • Add : Added AgentStop.
    • Add : Added AnimatorCrossFade.
    • Add : Added AnimatorSetLayerWeight.
    • Add : Added BackToStartState.
    • Add : Added ActivateBehaviour.
    • Add : Added ActivateRenderer.
    • Add : Added ActivateCollider.
    • Add : Added ChangeTimingUpdate parameter to UISetSlider, UISetText, UISetToggle.
    • Change : Added flag to whether LookAtGameObject uses each coordinate component of Target transform.
    • Change : Added flag to determine whether to stop Agent when leaving state to Agent system.
    • Change : Added reference URL for format specification to the format document of UITextFromParameter.
    • Change : Built-in behavior referring to Component corresponds to FlexibleComponent.
    • Change : Move UISetSliderFromParameter and UISetToggleFromParameter to Lagacy by FlexibleComponent correspondence of UISetSlider and UISetToggle.
    • Fix : Fixed that exceptions are generated after transition of scenes with behavior being processed when Parameter is changed via GlobalParameterContainer (UISetTextFromParameter, UISetToggleFromParameter, UISetSliderFromParameter, ParameterTransition).
    • Fix : Fixed that there was no UISetImage reference.
  • Built in Calculator
    • Add : Added GameObjectGetComponentCalculator.
    • Fix : Fixed an exception occurred after the scene transition in the Calculator processing when Parameter was changed via GlobalParameterContainer.
  • Component
    • Add : Added various parameters for Animator setting to AgentController.
    • Add : Added Waypoint component.
    • Add : Added Component to parameters available in ParameterContainer.
    • Change : Change Animator specification of AgentController so that it is unified for each parameter.
  • Script
    • Add : Add parameter reference class for each Animator type.
    • Add : Addition of OnStateUpdate callback called during Update in order of StateBehaviour.
    • Add : Addition of OnStateLateUpdate callback called during LateUpdate in order of StateBehaviour.
    • Add : InputSlotUnityObject, OutputSlotUnityObject added.
    • Add : Added FlexibleComponent.
    • Add : Added SlotTyeAttribute which can specify type with CalculatorSlot or FlexibleCompoment.
    • Add : ComponentParameterReference added.
    • Add : Create a NodeBehaviour class that summarizes the intersection of StateBehaviour and Calculator.
    • Add : Added interface, INodeBehaviourSerializationCallbackReceiver, to describe the processing at serialization of NodeBehaviour.
    • Add : Added type and parameter property to various Flexible classes.
    • Change : The ID of each node is unified to Node.nodeID.
    • Change : Added ToString method to Parameter class.
    • Change : Added updatedTime to CalculatorBranch.
    • Change : Addition of isUsed and updatedTime to InputSlot.
    • Change : Change transition timing specification in Transition method to TransitionTiming.
    • Change : Change CalculatorSlot.position to NonSerialized.
    • Change : Add using System.Collections.Generic; and AddComponentMenu (“”) to the template.
    • Fix : Fixed it because we did not reference the field of base class in EachField.

About price change

We changed the price to $ 25.00 with Arbor 2.2.0 release.

Also upgrading from Arbor 1.x has been discontinued, so even if you upgrade in the future it will cost the standard price.

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Update procedure

Please follow the procedure below when updating Arbor.

  1. Please be sure to make a backup of the project before the update.
  2. If you are opening an existing scene, create a new scene from “File / New Scene” in the menu.
  3. Already Removed Arbor folder that have been imported.
  4. Import a new version of Arbor.