ver 1.7.4 release

Updated content

  • Add: Agent system Behaviour added.
  • Add: uGUI system Behaviour added.
  • Add: uGUI system Tween added.
  • Add: SendEventGameObject added.
  • Add: The pass-by-value function added to the SendMessageGameObject.
  • Fix: AnimatorParameterReference of reference is to Fixed get an error when that did not refer to a AnimatorController.
  • Other: Pull up on the Unity minimum operating version to 4.6.7f1 due to uGUI correspondence.

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Arbor: State Diagram Editor

About Agent system Behaviour

We added the behavior of a simple transfer systems to NavMeshAgent.


Please take advantage, such as the 3D game of the enemy AI.

About uGUI system Behaviour

Behavior of uGUI system along with that it has raised the Unity of the version to 4.6.7f1 also we have added.


Please use in conjunction with a convenient longer UI of Unity.