Arbor 3.0.2p1 release

Updated content

  • Scripts
    • To shorten compile time, it is provisional to Assembly Definition. (Unity 2017.3.0f3 or later)


“Patch 3.0.2p1” をダウンロード

Arbor3.0.2p1.unitypackage – 1393 回のダウンロード – 6.25 KB


  • Fixed that editor DLL was set to be included in the build version.

Update procedure

  • Please update If you have not updated to Arbor 3.0.2.
  • Click on the Assets / Import Package / Custom Package… of menu,
    Please import the Arbor3.0.2p1.unitypackage that has been downloaded.


Please note that due to Unity’s specification, it is not a thing that can not completely prevent recompilation.