About beta version

  • You can not use it for purposes other than trial use.

Restrictions on beta version

  1. DLL
    • Editing is impossible because core processing is done as DLL.
  2. Runtime limit
    • State transition is invalidated 2 minutes after the game starts.
    • Display of “Arbor2 Trial” on game screen.
    • (Execution on the Unity editor can be used without limitation)
  3. Arbor Editor window
    • Open Asset Store button display.

Asset Store

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Download beta version

There is currently no beta version.

Unity Version

5.3.0 or later


Arbor Reference

Script Reference


Questions to the beta version, defect report etc. please go to the Beta forum.

Release Note


  • Built in Behaviour
    • Fix : Since Unity 5.6 and later, NavMeshAgent.Stop () was deprecated and fixed.

2.2.0 Summary

  • Arbor Editor
    • Add : Added group node.
    • Add : Added comments for each node.
    • Change : Editor design change.
    • Change : Changed to display state name input field with double click.
    • Change : Changed to sort state lists by type.
  • Built in Behaviour
    • Add : Added AgentStop.
    • Add : Added AnimatorCrossFade.
    • Add : Added AnimatorSetLayerWeight.
    • Add : Added BackToStartState.
    • Change : Added flag to whether LookAtGameObject uses each coordinate component of Target transform.
    • Change : Added flag to determine whether to stop Agent when leaving state to Agent system.
    • Change : Add using System.Collections.Generic; and AddComponentMenu (“”) to the template.
    • Change : Added reference URL for format specification to the format document of UITextFromParameter.
  • Component
    • Add : Added various parameters for Animator setting to AgentController.
  • Script
    • Add : Add parameter reference class for each Animator type.
    • Change : The ID of each node is unified to Node.nodeID.
    • Change : Added ToString method to Parameter class.
    • Change : Added updatedTime to CalculatorBranch.
    • Change : Addition of isUsed and updatedTime to InputSlot.