About beta version

  • You can not use it for purposes other than trial use.

Restrictions on beta version

  1. DLL
    • Editing is impossible because core processing is done as DLL.
  2. Runtime limit
    • State transition is invalidated 2 minutes after the game starts.
    • Display of “Arbor2 Trial” on game screen.
    • (Execution on the Unity editor can be used without limitation)
  3. Arbor Editor window
    • Open Asset Store button display.

Asset Store

Purchase from here!

Download beta version

Download “Beta 2.2.0b2” Arbor2.2.0b2.unitypackage – Downloaded 1308 times – 12 MB

Unity Version

5.3.0 or later


Arbor Reference

Script Reference


Questions to the beta version, defect report etc. please go to the Beta forum.

Release Note


  • Built in Behaviour
    • Fix : Since Unity 5.6 and later, NavMeshAgent.Stop () was deprecated and fixed.

2.2.0 Summary

  • Arbor Editor
    • Add : Added group node.
    • Add : Added comments for each node.
    • Change : Editor design change.
    • Change : Changed to display state name input field with double click.
    • Change : Changed to sort state lists by type.
  • Built in Behaviour
    • Add : Added AgentStop.
    • Add : Added AnimatorCrossFade.
    • Add : Added AnimatorSetLayerWeight.
    • Add : Added BackToStartState.
    • Change : Added flag to whether LookAtGameObject uses each coordinate component of Target transform.
    • Change : Added flag to determine whether to stop Agent when leaving state to Agent system.
    • Change : Add using System.Collections.Generic; and AddComponentMenu (“”) to the template.
    • Change : Added reference URL for format specification to the format document of UITextFromParameter.
  • Component
    • Add : Added various parameters for Animator setting to AgentController.
  • Script
    • Add : Add parameter reference class for each Animator type.
    • Change : The ID of each node is unified to Node.nodeID.
    • Change : Added ToString method to Parameter class.
    • Change : Added updatedTime to CalculatorBranch.
    • Change : Addition of isUsed and updatedTime to InputSlot.