Arbor 3.3.2 release

Update contents


Arbor Editor

  • Changed to use the button style for the icon button of the node header.
  • When StateLink is connected, change the background style so that the gear icon is easy to see.


Arbor Editor

  • Support for Unity 2019.1.0a5.


  • Fixed an error when building to Universal Windows Platform.

Asset Store

Update procedure

Please follow the procedure below when updating Arbor.

  1. Please be sure to make a backup of the project before the update.
  2. If you are opening an existing scene, create a new scene from “File / New Scene” in the menu.
  3. If you are opening the Arbor Editor window, close it once.
  4. Already Removed Arbor folder that have been imported.
  5. Import a new version of Arbor.

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