ver 2.0.1 release

Updated content

  • Arbor Editor
    • Change: reduce the amount of heap memory.
    • Fix: Fixed editor management for the object every time you compile had been increasing.
  • Built-in behavior
    • Change: Renamed the Audio / PlaySoundAtPoint in Audio / PlaySoundAtTransform.
    • Add: Adds the specified AudioMixerGroup and SpatialBlend in Audio / PlaySoundAtTransform.
    • Add: add an Audio / PlaySoundAtPoint of new coordinates specified.


How to Update

  1. Please be sure to make a backup of the project before the update.
  2. Just in case, we will leave to create a new scene from the menu of the File> New Scene.
  3. Already Removed Arbor folder that have been imported.
  4. Import Arbor.

For this updated built-in behavior was

The Audio / PlaySoundAtPoint renamed PlaySoundAtTransform, added PlaySoundAtPoint that can newly coordinates specified in the Vector3.



This additional, in PlaySoundAtPoint, it is now possible to play the sound in the coordinates were calculated through a calculation node.
In addition, because it can now also specify additional AudioMixerGroup and SpatialBlend from Unity5, I think I sound management has become more easily.