This is the documentation for Arbor 3.2.4 and earlier.

See Arbor Documentation for the latest documentation.

Gradually it will not change the Alpha of CanvasGroup.


Type Play type.

  • Once : Only once
  • Loop : Repeat
  • PingPong : Folded at the end
Duration Playback time.
Curve Change curve of applicability with respect to time
Use Realtime Flag to progress in real time without the influence of Time.timeScale.
Repeat Until Transition Number of repetitions until the transition (Loop, PingPong only)
Target CanvasGroup of interest.
If not specified, CanvasGroup of GameObject that ArborFSM is assigned a target.
From Start alpha.
To Target alpha.
Next State Transition destination after time.
(In the case of Loop and Pingpong, to transition from repeated as many times as specified in the Repeat Until Transition)


1.7.5 or later